Storm Season is Here

Annual Servicing makes you system run better

Happy New Year everyone.

In Northern NSW, every year, we get severe weather events. Of particular concern is both wind and hail. We have seen a number of incidents over the Christmas period that involve panels being ripped off of roof’s by extreme winds or panels that have been damaged by large hail stones.

At JDZ we recommend that your system be inspected if you have had golf ball size or larger hail. If you think that the hail could have dented your car, it may large enough to damage a solar panel.

If you have panels ripped from the roof it is important that a qualified electrician is called to make the system safe. Dangerous Voltages can be present in Solar Systems - Please use a licensed Electrician to check damaged systems.

JDZ Electric offers site inspections for $99 (up to 7kw Systems) , we include the following:

  • Panel Clean - you can loose generation capacity when dirt and grime builds up on a panel

  • Mechanical Inspection - we check to make sure all nut/bolts/fasteners are tight and secure

  • Identify any Faulty or Damaged Components

  • Make safe any dangerous situations

  • Provide a no-obligation written quote for any repairs that need to be made

Please call JDZ on 02 6622 4397 if you need these services