Calculating your ideal solar power system size

What size solar system is best for your needs?

Energy matters has just published a good article explaining the ins and outs of determining the best size solar system for your specific needs. Accounting for future usage as well as balancing the initial cost of the system with return on investment (ROI) is always key.


With so many solar products on the market, it can be confusing to work out exactly how big your solar power system size should be for effective use.
So Choice has produced an online guide to help you work out the correct size of solar power system to meet your needs. This involves:
  • Understanding how much electricity you typically use;
  • Working out when you use it; and
  • Calculating the size of the solar power system you need.
Let’s look at two important factors that contribute to a perfect solar power system size for your home. The first is understanding the amount of power you use. The second is figuring out out many solar panels you need to match that power.